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Box Printer

High Resolution Case Coders

Reduce cost by eliminating the need for labels, stickers, and pre-printed packaging and stock that take up a large amount of space. Our box printers not only allows you to print high-resolution prints onto porous corrugate, but it also has the capacity to use UV Curable inks, which sets it apart from its competitors. UV inks enable non-porous coated corrugate, chipboard, timber, overwrap, and other non-porous materials to be printed. Having a machine that can perform many functions boosts efficiency and accuracy while also cutting down on manufacturing time. These units will save money by eliminating the need for space-consuming labels, stickers, and pre-printed packaging and material.

case printers

Lowest Cost

  • Lowest Cost High Resolution Inkjet Printers

  • Two printhead size options to choose from – up to 18mm or up to 72mm

  • 5″ Robust Touch Screen

  • Cartridge and bulk ink options available

Box printers

Leak Free

  • 100% mess and leak free

  • Change ink without stopping printing

  • Standalone unit, no plant air required

  • Smaller foot print

barcode printers

Fastest Start

  • Fastest start up! 2 steps- turn on and purge

  • Lowest cost and superior quality to the competitors

  • Not recommended to change ink types. One ink to one Case Pro.

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