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Free Installation and Training

For a limited time all customers can claim free installation and training with the purchase of a new Linx 10. Simply fill out the form below for one of our sales engineers to contact you with the details.

Programming features

  • Colour, touch screen with clear icons for code setup and selection

  • Live message preview

  • Image-based message selection

  • Single touch print start, pause and printer shutdown

  • Password protected functions with customisable user profiles for secure, mistake-proof operation

  • Message store and printer settings back up, copy and restore using USB storage device

  • Simple line speed setup wizard, for quick installation onto new lines


Physical characteristics

  • Weighs only 11kg

  • Stainless steel enclosure

  • IP55 rating (washdown)

  • 7” back-lit full colour touch screen with tough polymer cover

  • Flexible and durable conduit, solvent resistant

  • Mounting options – direct mount onto line, trolley, bench or table

  • Carry handle and printhead dock for safe movement between lines

Receive a quote and claim your free Installation and Training for a new Linx 10 CIJ Today

Save on today's high cost for installation and training by filling out the form below.

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